UV HAWK Q3I-UVHAWK2 Waterproof Ultraviolet Sunlight Meter

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Perfect Tool To Measure The Intensity Of Ultraviolet Light
Waterproof Design
Quickly & Easily Tests The Uv Index & Indicates The Level Of Protection User Needs Before Enjoying Time Outside
For Use Virtually Anywhere One Is Exposed To Prolonged Sunlight
Includes Clip on Strap
Press On/Off button for 3 seconds to turn on. Hold the unit so that the sensor is directly exposed to sunlight. Press the Measure/Adjust Button for 2 seconds until you see the sun icon flashing. Release the button and wait 3 seconds. When the sun icon disappears, the unit displays the UV Index. The unit will automatically display a count down until an alarm will sound to remind the user to take action to decrease risk of sunburn and will display the % of maximum suggested sun exposure to avoid sunburn
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