FireStik K-8 Fire-Flex® 18ft Single Antenna Coaxial Cable WITH LUGS

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Our K-8 cable is 18' (5.5m) long. One end is terminated with a PL-259 type connector to match the connector on your radio and the other end is terminated with a ring terminal on the center conductor and a spade connector on the shields. Use this cable with our K-4 or R-4 stud mount and any mount that uses either one of the lug-style stud mounts

Good arteries are important to your heart like good coax cable is important to your radio. Our single lead cable assemblies are made from our RG-58A/U, Fire-Flex coaxial cable. They are to be used on any single antenna installation. This includes CB, scanner, 2-meter, and 10 meter. Check out these features:

  • Stranded center conductor to maximize flexibility and prevent untimely breakage.
  • Shielding coverage that averages 95% to protect against RF leaks and interferrence.
  • Polyvinyl center insulation for ruggedness and longivity.
  • Performance that exceeds mil-spec requirements for 50 ohm RG-58A/U coax

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Any Firestik® product that fails due to defects in workmanship and/or materials will be repaired or replaced, at the discretion of the manufacturer, to the original purchaser with dated proof of purchase. Warranty periods are as follows. 1 YEAR FROM DATE OF PURCHASE Applies to wire whip antennas, non-stainless steel mounts and accessories, coaxial cables, speakers