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DISH 54.0 Remote for Hopper 3 and Joey 2

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Works with all Hoppers, Joeys and Wally Receivers. The remotes are IR only, however, with the Hopper they are RF Compatible. Remote Dimensions: 8.5 x 1 x 4 inches

Key Features

  • Remote Finder function allows you to locate your remote by pressing a button on your receiver
  • Limited Mode enables you to prevent navigating to the wrong input
  • Info/Help gives you quick tips about the actions you can perform on any screen
  • HDMI/CEC this allows you to turn on your receiver, TV and tune to the correct input with a single button

Replacement remote For Hopper 3 and Joey 2

Voice commands – Take the guesswork out of navigating your Hopper system by using voice commands to find your programming, tune to channels and more
Remote Finder – Can't find your remote? Don't panic! Simply press the Locate Remote button on the front panel of your receiver
Personalize your remote with customizable buttons – Turn closed captioning on and off, launch Net?ix®, turn on Picture-in-Picture (PiP), record a program and more, with just one click

Let there be light – Too dark to see the buttons on your remote? Activate the backlighting on your remote by simply picking it up, moving it, or shaking it gently in a dark room